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Museum News and Life

The artist and his talent

An artistic gift is both talent and tremendous work. Since art is in many respects close to craft, it combines unconditional natural talent and simple technical skills, without which there will never be a real artist. It is the combination of talent and tireless daily work that gives the world the most striking and gifted artists.

The mystery of the painting "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci

There is probably no better known canvas in the world than Mona Lisa. It is popular in all countries, widely disseminated as a recognizable and catchy image. “Mona Lisa” has also been a trademark for its four hundred-year history and has been the victim of kidnapping, was mentioned in the song Nat King Cola, her name was quoted in tens of thousands of print media and films, and the expression “Mona Lisa's smile” became a stable phrase, even a stamped phrase .

Who are the Wanderers and why are they called that?

The Wanderers made a huge contribution to the development of Russian and world art, creating a completely new aesthetic scale and expanding the plot circle of easel painting. Boldly experimenting in technique and composition, these creators of the new formation turned to social issues, transmitting through art their point of view, as well as the mood of society. The merit of the Wanderers lies in the mainstream of artistic and educational work.

What is a modular picture, how to make it with your own hands?

Model paintings are a fashionable decoration of any interior. At its core, these are reproductions of paintings by famous artists, successful photographs, even children's drawings, which are divided into several segments and hung on the wall.

Famous Museums of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a brilliant city. It seems that his very atmosphere contributes to the birth of talented people of art. And not in vain, because the city is a gigantic museum, where cultural and architectural monuments, so diverse in style and time, are harmoniously combined. The statues carefully preserved in hard times, perpetuating people and events important for the city and the country, buildings, squares, alleys along which people who became legends strolled. Even the traditions of Peter's times returned and fill his brainchild with special content.

Gzhel Museum

The Gzhel Museum serves the important cause of promoting the art of ancient crafts of Russia.

To the Louvre without queues - be tricky!

Millions of tourists from all over the world travel to Paris every day, primarily to see the Louvre. Earlier we wrote an article about this museum, which you can read here, but now I would like to talk about how to get to the Louvre without waiting in line!

Artist Alexei Klokov - gold and painting are always in price!

Art objects in the changing economic and political conditions have been and are one of the best alternative ways of investing. In an effort to protect their own funds from possible depreciation, investors choose those art assets that show annual growth.

A new museum of ancient technology opened in Nizhny Novgorod

Over the course of 20 years, a collection of objects has been compiled bit by bit, which are the technical heritage of our country.

Exhibition Hall Warsaw

I would like to talk about the Warsaw Exhibition Hall, which has existed since 1983. Exhibitions, which are often held there, can be visited for free.

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