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Unusual museums of the world

Unusual museums of the world

In our world there are a huge number of museums in which various exhibits are presented, mainly cultural values. But there is also unusual museums of the worldin which visitors will find not quite simple works of art, but rather extravagant ones. It is about such museums that will be discussed here.

Any person is always interested to see something original and unusual, one that you will not find everywhere. Unusual museums attract visitors with just that. Lovers of sweets will be interested in visiting the Museum of Chocolate, and lovers of psychology in the Dream Museum of Sigmund Freud.

Although such museums do not open often, there are already quite a large number of them, and over time they will become even more. On the pages of this site we will try to give as much information as possible about unusual museums of the world.

Carriage Museum, Lisbon

Having been in Lisbon, one cannot fail to visit the most popular museum of the capital of Portugal - the National Museum of Carriages. The building in which it is located is organically connected with the history of this sunken transport. In 1787, Prince Juan, later King Juan VI, began the construction of the Royal Arena for training in horse riding. The building itself was designed by architect Giacomo Azolini in a neoclassical style, but the subsequent exterior and interior decoration continued for more than 40 years.

Museum of Living Butterflies in St. Petersburg

These are unusual museums in which visitors find themselves in a real tropical paradise, filled with beautiful butterflies that flutter everywhere. It maintains a tropical climate: temperature + 28 degrees, and humidity - 70%. Often in such museums you can still see exotic birds, fish, a large number of living tropical plants. The magic corner of the tropics will not leave anyone indifferent!

Dance Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

In the center of Stockholm, there is an unusual dance museum. In addition to permanent exhibits, the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, which change from year to year. At these exhibitions you can see live performances. Many tourists even specially plan dates, as various events are held at the dance museum depending on the time of year.

Tirana Kamikaze Museum, Japan

In Japan, there is a kamikaze museum. It was opened in 1975 in the village of Tiran. Since 2007, it is the city of Minamikyushu. The museum was opened on the site of the former air force base of Japan. As the name implies, all museum exhibits are dedicated to Japanese kamikaze pilots who gave their lives for the prosperity of their homeland.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Japan

No matter how sad it is to write about the tragedies, but this needs to be done so that most people learn about the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima. Not so long ago, we covered the Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki - we also recommend reading it.

Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki, Japan

Everyone knows about the tragedy that occurred on August 9, 1945 in Japan, when the US armed forces dropped an atomic bomb on this city. But few people know that a museum is organized in the city itself dedicated to this tragic event. Today we will talk about the atomic bomb museum.

Japanese Snowflake Museum

Winter is a beautiful, beautiful time. Around everything is white and white and snow is falling. A piece of all this beauty is a snowflake. How interesting and fun it is to observe how snowflakes fall from the sky. As you probably already guessed in this article, we will consider the museum of snowflakes, which is located in Japan on the island of Hokkaido. It should be noted that the world's only museum of its kind, so it is doubly interesting.

Museum of Marzipans in Hungary

If you are in Hungary, then you must go to the Marzipan Museum. Yes, you heard right - this is a very interesting, unique and sweet museum. All exhibits presented in the museum are made of marzipan!

Museum of Lies, Germany

The director of each museum fights for genuine exhibits in its halls. So usually people think, but in fact it is not. In the city of Küritz (Germany) there is a very unusual museum of lies, the director of which is proud and absolutely does not hide the fact that all the exhibits of his museum are fake. The directors of the Museum of Lies are called Reinhard Zabka. In his past, he is a famous German artist who believes that the line between truth and falsehood is very thin, especially when it comes to art. This thought led him to create a museum of lies in Germany.

Museum of Smoking, Indonesia, Kudus

Residents of Indonesia are still convinced that smoking enlightens the mind, calms the nerves and involves people in the higher magical realms. In order to promote this point of view, a smoking museum is operating in the Indonesian city of Kudus.

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