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Museums of Russia

Museums of Russia

Moscow Hockey Museum, hockey hall of fame

Hockey museums are in Canada, Finland, and the Czech Republic. But in Russia, which, without a doubt, is one of the most powerful hockey countries, there has not yet been such a museum. However, a hockey glory hall appeared, but so far it exists outside of space, exclusively in the archives of the hockey federation. Such injustice will be eliminated in the first half of 2015.

Museum of Military History of Moscow (Museum of the Knights in Moscow)

Despite the understandable and specific name, this institution cannot be attributed exclusively to the museum type. The museum itself is only part of the historical and cultural center of Setunsky camp. Therefore, when planning a visit here, you need to keep in mind that you can spend the whole day there, and it is very interesting to spend.

Cheburashka Museum in Moscow

The mystery is the very fact of the popularity of this literary and cartoon character. For about fifty years, this touching and unknown to science animal, invented by the writer Uspensky and the animator Kachanov, has occupied the minds of not only children, but also adults. Cheburashka can be seen on postcards, badges, stamps. His big ears became the basis of many advertisements, and his very name is used by very reputable companies. The apogee for the popularity of the dear hero was his election as a symbol of the Russian Olympic team.

Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art

Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art is a long-term project that includes a museum with a permanent exhibition, an international network of galleries and numerous programs to support and popularize contemporary art.

State Museum of the East, Moscow

The State Museum of the East was created back in 1918. Today it is located in the famous “Lunin House” and is ready to share with visitors the truly inspiring art of Japan, China, Iran, India, the countries of Southeast and Central Asia, the Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan, etc.

Museum "Children's Art Gallery", Samara

In this article we want to introduce our readers to our friends - the Samara Museum "Children's Art Gallery".

Zoological Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia - photo

In the very heart of St. Petersburg, on the University Embankment, immediately beyond the Palace Bridge, is located one of the largest and most visited museums of the city on the Neva - Zoological.

Mineralogical Museum in Moscow named after A. E. Fersman

The Mineralogical Museum is located in the building of the former equestrian arena, once erected even under the Orlovs. Manege was built, approximately in 1608, by an unknown architect. But what’s in the museum itself is the work of the famous Moscow architect Tyurin.

Roller Coaster Pavilion, Oranienbaum, Petersburg

In 1959, the main work on the restoration of the Katalnaya Gorka pavilion in Oranienbaum was completed. The pavilion is the only surviving part of a huge entertainment structure - the Katalnaya Gorka, built by A. Rinaldi in 1762 - 1774.

Chinese Palace Museum in Oranienbaum, St. Petersburg

The Chinese palace was built in 1762 - 1768 according to the project and under the leadership of a major architect of that time Antonio Rinaldi (1709 - 1794), whose name is associated with the most important period in the creation of the Oranienbaum architectural ensemble. Arriving from Italy at the invitation of K. G. Razumovsky (1751), Rinaldi spent many years in Russia, finding his second homeland here.

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