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Museums in Spain

Museums in Spain

Costume Museum, Madrid, Spain

The year 2004 was the year that the costume museum officially began in Madrid.

However, Museo del Traje (Spanish), begins its century since 1925. This year, in the presence of the King of Spain’s family, the exhibition “History of Clothing of All Provinces of Spain” was opened. This constantly operating exhibition was replenished with new models of clothes, changed names, and is now located in an extraordinary complex of 1973, sponsored by architects Jame Lopez and Angel Diaz Dominguez.

Sorolla Museum in Madrid, Spain

The Madrid Art Museum of Spain’s most famous impressionist artist Joaquín Sorolla is located in the house where the master, surrounded by his family, lived from 1911 to 1923. The Sorolla Museum contains the largest collection of paintings by the famous artist, art objects, his personal belongings.

Lazaro Galdiano Museum, Madrid, Spain

The founder of the museum is the famous Spanish publisher, philanthropist and collector Jose Lazaro Galdiano. The Italian-style palace of the early 20th century, in which the museum is located, was once the personal residence of Lazaro Galdiano. He donated to the Spanish government, just before his death, in 1948, a large collection of books (more than 20,000 volumes) and works of art (more than 12,600 copies).

Cerralbo Museum, Madrid, Spain

Among the aristocrats of the Serralbo clan there were many scientists and truly educated people. Their passion for collecting art objects and an interest in history of a kind led to the fact that the Marquises of Serralbo gathered a rich collection of paintings, weapons, antiques.

Archaeological Museum, Madrid

The National Archaeological Museum of Spain recently opened after a major renovation. The collection expanded, new artifacts appeared, and the technical equipment of the museum improved.

Temple of the Holy Family, Barcelona, ​​Spain

What can be built in 144 years? Much ... But not the most unusual temple in Barcelona. With stubbornness just extraordinary, the Catalans build a church only on donations. Everything would be faster and easier if this unfinished building was not connected with the most fantastic and grandiose project of the great architect Antonio Gaudi.

CosmoCaixa Science and Education Museum, Barcelona

Such museums are popular in many countries of the world. There are in Sweden, Finland, Estonia. But Cosmo Kaisha is one of the largest and most impressive. A symbolic fee of 4 euros allows you to spend three to four hours on an exciting journey through the world of science. It all starts at the entrance, here is the Science Square, full of intricate designs that clearly acquaint the public with the simplest physical processes.

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