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Museums of St. Petersburg

Museums of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city with a rich history and developed culture. For a long period it was the capital of the state, which left its mark. The city is unforgettable with its architecture, which tourists cannot but like. In addition, there are many unique museums that are of national importance.

There are more than 200 museums in St. Petersburg. This list includes independent museum institutions and their affiliates. Perhaps the most popular and sought after is the country's most famous art museum - the State Hermitage Museum. In addition to the main building, it has 4 branches, each of which, in addition to unique exhibits, is remembered for its architecture.

Museums of St. Petersburg varied. In addition to art, the city has many natural science museums. The city is famous for its historical and military historical museums. There are substantial expositions covering the times of the terrible blockade of the city by the Nazis in the Great Patriotic War.

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