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“Sister of Mercy”, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko - description of the painting

“Sister of Mercy”, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko - description of the painting

Sister of Mercy - Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko. Canvas, oil

The artist on his canvases depicts people who have an internal power that allows them to carry human dignity through the trials that have fallen to their lot.

Fatigue and perseverance are visible in the eyes of the sister of mercy. During the day, she helped many wounded and sick, and the same number are waiting for her help. Despite her tiredness, she realizes that she is obliged to fulfill her duty, because the life and health of dozens of people depends on her.

Sister presses her hand to the lower abdomen, obviously suffering from pain. But her direct posture and unshakably calm face emphasize the firmness of her character.

She is a strong personality, for whom the ideal of service in the name of bringing good to humanity is of paramount importance.

The fact that her cause is really necessary and useful gives her strength to overcome all difficulties with an unwavering face and unchanging moral principles.

It is worth noting that Yaroshenko was interested in just such formed people who did not have the slightest doubt about their destiny. He himself said that he did not portray people who did not represent moral interest for him.

Yaroshenko attaches great importance to immutability and stability. The fact that motifs of mountain greatness periodically appear in his works, or the strength of human dignity, is not surprising - both phenomena have a common basis.

That is what Yaroshenko most valued, consistently and adamantly, in life and in work, adhering to this position. Beauty and morality are one and the same phenomenon for him, which is characterized primarily by firmness and indestructibility. The elusive and transitory artist did not like and did not recognize.

In the eyes of the sister of mercy, in the posture of the stoker, in the invincibility of the mountain peaks, the same meaning lies.

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