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"Paris organ grinder", Vasily G. Perov - description of the painting

Paris organ grinder - Vasily Grigoryevich Perov. 76.2 x 56 cm

Perfectly executed by Vasily Perov, the painting "The Parisian organ grinder." The artist showed himself as a person who thinks deeply, notices human problems and the psychology of people.

In front of the viewer is a poor street organ grinder, earning pennies by playing the instrument every day. Her hard, hopeless and bleak life speaks of her whole appearance. A gray skirt made of coarse fabric, a huge, possibly male, out-of-size old shoe, a torn sweatshirt sleeve. The only whole item of clothing is a large warm cloak that protects the woman herself and her daughter from the cold.

The girl sleeps, serene and trustingly, leaning against her mother. An iron alms mug and a sign on which, most likely, a request for help tell the viewer that this is the only earnings of a poor organ grinder.

A dog with a bandaged paw, patiently lies at the feet of the mistress, sadly watching passers-by. In contrast is the long-range plan of the composition, where Perov portrayed the wealth, splendor and pride of rich people who are indifferent to the misfortunes of others.

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