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"Girl on the background of the Persian carpet", Mikhail Vrubel - description of the painting

The girl on the background of the Persian carpet is Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel. 104.5 x 68.4 cm

One of the early paintings, painted by Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel in Kiev, where he was invited to work on the murals of the Cyril Church. Often visiting the pawnshop (Vrubel was well acquainted with its owner), the artist spent a long time examining the jewelry and wonderful things stored there. Inspired by this beauty, the artist paints a portrait of his daughter Maria, portraying her in the image of an oriental beauty.

A richly decorated room - everywhere expensive Persian rugs. Another, large and luxurious, with heavy folds falls along the wall, covering part of the floor. Saturated dark cherry, plum, burgundy colors of an intricate pattern, diluted with bright details of blue and green, shimmer on a black background. Bending one leg, a thin teenage girl sits calmly on it.

Thick curly hair with a dark brown coverlet descends on the shoulders, framing a young face. She is incredibly good: gracefully curved resin eyebrows, a thin straight nose, beautifully outlined lips, dark skin shines softly in the sunlight. But around the wonderful dark eyes are brown shadows. An expressive and sad look is not full of children's wisdom, doom, and in the depths of my eyes lurks some unspoken question.

The pearl beads flicker gently, wrapping several rows around the children's neck.

Tired shoulders dropped, slender arms crossed on his knees. Small fingers are decorated with massive gold rings. With her left hand she holds a dagger richly inlaid with silver and precious stones, and with her right hand she holds alive cream roses. In her hands are two symbols that embody love and death. They are always there, and their presence fills the picture with tragic foreboding.

The painter dresses the girl in bright oriental outfits - ash pink and gold colors of the silk blouse mysteriously shimmer, satin bloomers play with deep blue shades. Shawl wrapped around the waist, decorated with a long silver fringe, sparkles with flashes of juicy raspberry, scarlet, red-orange colors.

The artist puts a smear after brushstroke, as if picking up pieces of smalt in a mosaic, forcing the image to mysteriously shimmer like a gem.

The cold, austere color of the portrait, where the main colors are lilac, blue and gold, creates a feeling of anxiety and hidden sadness, despite the poetic image of the girl and the oriental luxury surrounding her.

Contemporaries did not appreciate this picture, however, like the girl’s father, who refused to buy it. But quite a bit of time passed, and she took her rightful place among the masterpieces of Russian painting.

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