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“In the warm land”, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko - description of the painting

“In the warm land”, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko - description of the painting

In the warm land - Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko. 107 x 81 cm

The painting "In the Warm Land" was painted at the artist's summer house in Kislovodsk. This is Anna Chertkova, wife of Vladimir Chertkov, a famous friend and colleague of L.N. Tolstoy.

The year before, she survived the death of her beloved daughter. It was a heavy blow. Tuberculosis, which Chertkova had suffered before, developed rapidly over a short period of time, and her worried husband took her to Kislovodsk to his friend Yaroshenko, who provided the Chertkov family with a whole outbuilding.

A woman is dressed in a long purple dress and a cream scarf thrown over her shoulder.

The picture shows a part of a white stone veranda on which, among the fragrant greenery of the south, Anna Chertkova, sitting in an armchair and leaning on white pillows, watches the beautiful creation that nature created in spring - and says goodbye.

Behind the lady, an emerald plane-tree spreads over the canopy, covering the bright rays of the sun, and the pale pink rose flowers envelop in its lovely aroma.

A yellow-green lawn with near-growing flowers is spread out at the foot of the mountain and is gilded under the spring sun.

The canvas evokes in the viewer a sense of compassion for the young, beautiful young lady who is so destined to leave this world so soon.

Fortunately, Anna Chertkova recovered and lived a long life, preaching the ideas of Tolstoyism. To pass through suffering and illness, she was helped by the high level of spiritual development that she achieved, working with her husband in realizing the ideas of L. Tolstov about a moral person.

Perhaps that is why Yaroshenko portrayed her with inspiration - he, as an artist, was interested in people who radiated spiritual energy.

The artist hoped for a successful recovery - this can be seen in the bright, bright lighting in the picture.

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