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“The arrival of the investigator,” Vasily Grigorievich Perov - description of the painting

“The arrival of the investigator,” Vasily Grigorievich Perov - description of the painting

The arrival of the clerk on the investigation - Vasily G. Perov. 38 x 43 cm

One of the first genre paintings by Vasily Perov, for which the author received encouragement for an interesting plot and a large silver medal of the Academy of Arts.

A young peasant accused of some act was brought to the investigator for questioning. Vasily Perov somewhat idealizes a simple guy - although a tear on his shoulder, a snow-white shirt, white skin and rounded, soft features are not characteristic of the poor, who work all year round in the fields or in workshops.

But, perhaps, Perov wanted to emphasize his innocence with this appearance of a meek young man in white robes.

The complete contrast to him perfectly depicts the rest of the court. Perov, as a psychologist, notes the reaction of each character to what is happening.

On the face of the headman holding the defendant is not at all firm, even some sympathy for the guy.

The clerk-secretary writes something diligently, while his gaze is aimed at the stanza - as if not to miss what the “judge” wants to say.

It’s itself dead, as the focus of the main Russian vice of that time - bribery. They bring him vodka and a snack, near his chair a basket of eggs. And it seems that the case has already been decided, the punishment will follow.

The person pleading for mercy and the gestures of the offender do not decide any role. The fact that the decision was made, and not in favor of a simple guy, is indicated by the figures depicted by the artist at the door. Sad wife and man preparing the rods for the execution of the sentence.

Perhaps someone will find the image on the canvas somewhat naive and straightforward, but then, back in 1857, the plot turned out to be very relevant, revealing many of the vices of society. It was not for nothing that contemporaries called Perov the successor of the famous master Pavel Andreevich Fedotov, who achieved great success in the genre of critical realism.

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