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“Shipwreck”, Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, 1884 - description of the painting

“Shipwreck”, Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky, 1884 - description of the painting

Shipwreck - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. Canvas, oil.

You can admire the sea endlessly, it is always different: shimmering like a precious blue stone on a sunny summer day or flaming in the rays of sunset, lead gray on a cloudy day or almost black in a thunderstorm. Strong gusts are replacing the calm, and now huge water shafts soar where there was a calm mirror surface just recently.

In love with the sea element, knowing her well, Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky created many landscapes, each of which is filled with its own mood.

Often he returned to the image of people at the time of the struggle with the sea element. Not every ship can withstand a hurricane: sails break, masts break, water splashes in the holds. The crew and passengers have only one thing left - to leave the sinking ship and try to escape on boats. Such a moment was captured by the painter in this picture.

The storm calms down a little. The wind blows dark blue low clouds, a bright white-yellow streak of the rising sun is visible on the azure sky, the morning light of dawn paints light clouds in soft pink shades.

The raging sea brightens, changing color from lead-bluish, almost black in depth, to gray-turquoise and smoky blue on the surface. In the sunshine, the transparent crests of the waves glow with an icy blue light. A strong wind tears off the white foam from their tops, far spreading sparkling salt spray.

But still formidable sea ramparts, striving to overwhelm a small boat low in the water, full of passengers. There is no panic on their faces. The sailor holds the rudder firmly in the stern, directing the boat into the gap between the waves. The rowers are concentrated and confident in themselves, stubbornly continuing to row with long oars. People sitting in front saw a ship passing by. Hopefully turning to him, they try to attract attention, screaming and waving a white handkerchief.

And around such a stormy living sea, powerful and swift. Transparent moist air is clean and fresh. Using light, translucent layers, applying one color to another, using only cold blue, pink and white colors, the artist managed to convey the whole variety of light and color shades and midtones of the sea element and the sky spread over it. The solar path illuminating the boat gives a feeling of confidence in saving the shipwrecked and survived in a difficult struggle with the sea.

The picture is filled with hope and optimism, causing in us a feeling of excitement and empathy for what is happening. However, she delights us with her beauty and reality of the image.

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