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“Fashionista Wife”, Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov - description of the painting

“Fashionista Wife”, Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov - description of the painting

Fashionable wife - Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov. 24.5 x 29.8 cm

The canvas has a comic plot. A white beret is put on the woman’s head. An important lady stands at the table, proudly raising her head and smoking a cigarette.

The brush master composed a satirical poem about a young lady who used to do housework and live for her family, but when she walked around in Paris in a big way, she turned into a secular “lioness”. Now she shows her arrogance and swagger to others.

Next to the table is a black arap in a long, striped, yellow kandura. The hostess brought him from a trip to her amusement. He faithfully walks around her house and watches every step. Households look at all this in surprise! They will not recognize the former mistress of the house.

A woman holds out a red shred to her husband who has approached her. She wants her husband to buy her fabric for a new outfit for her order. On the woman’s table is a notebook with notes of fashionable styles. She takes notes with great interest. The fashionista is very self-conscious and happy with life.

In the right corner of the canvas, the artist depicted a child surrounded by scattered toys. The baby is crying soberly, no one pays attention to him. He is left to his own devices. The boy wants his mother’s attention, but she’s too busy with herself. This moment was the main one in the work, and the master of the brush captured it brightly and believably.

The picture is painted in light gray tones, using yellow, green, red and brown tones. It is presented as a sketch and is not completed, although the artist's work was colossal. His work was criticized by the editorial staff of the magazines. They saw in Fedotov's artworks a mockery of people. He has fewer orders, popularity has declined.

He could not do engravings from paintings for duplication and sales - censorship did not allow him. Despite all the difficulties and hardships, the desperate artist continued to work hard and conquer the world with his brilliant creations.

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