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“Blessing Christ and the Praying Mother of God”, Robert Kampen - description of the painting

“Blessing Christ and the Praying Mother of God”, Robert Kampen - description of the painting

Blessing Christ and the praying Mother of God - Robert Kampen.

The most unusual church picture of Robert Kampen is a paired image of Our Lady and Christ. This composition is more suitable for the portrait genre than for the altar, but most likely the artist wanted to make their images more real and lively.

The gold background, characteristic of the early works of the master, is decorated with precious stones and pearls. The patterns form the halo: round with Mary and in the form of a cross with Jesus, emphasizing their holiness.

The Lord is facing the viewer. Dark brown hair reveals a high clean forehead. The face seems calm and slightly detached, but boundless knowledge and wisdom are read in the eyes. Bright little sparkles shine in all understanding eyes, giving liveliness to the gaze which is questioningly directed at each believer.

Turning to him, a fragile young woman stands next to her, with light, almost glowing china skin, a light pink blush on her cheeks, and bright coral lips. Golden-red curls, decorated with a black narrow rim, peep out from under the bright blue head cover. Beautiful gray eyes are full of love and tenderness, a sad look holds hope. Hands folded in a prayer gesture - the Virgin calls for mercy.

The purple color of the robes, the barely noticeable inclination of the head of Christ, the merging nimbuses unite Mary and Jesus into a single whole.

Bright juicy shades of blue, red and gold colors are harmoniously combined with each other, creating a joyful, elevated mood.

And, of course, jewelry-written details, so inherent in the skill of Robert Kampen. This is a reflection of the window in the gemstone on the garment of Christ, and a graceful golden ring with a scarlet stone on the hand of the Virgin (this ring is also on other portraits of the artist). The artist accurately conveys uneven frames of precious stones on the halo and white holes on the nails.

Another interesting detail - the fingers of Jesus' left hand lie on the edge of the picture, connecting our worlds.

Warm, bright feelings gives rise to this picture, giving us confidence in a beautiful future.

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