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“Fresh Cavalier”, Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov - description of the painting

“Fresh Cavalier”, Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov - description of the painting

Fresh cavalier - Pavel Andreevich Fedotov. 48.2 x 42.5 cm

The picture "Fresh Cavalier" is painted in the style of a caricature. The artist skillfully and skillfully conveyed the genre scene from the life of a petty official. In service, he was awarded the order. Triumph elevated him to such an extent that he became a proud pride.

The officer is depicted at dawn with papillots on his head, in a silk striped robe and completely barefoot. A mess reigns in the room, things are scattered on the floor, bottles, bones from fish, fragments of broken dishes and leftover food are lying under the table. The table is covered with a white tablecloth with a red ornament. On it stands a cup, a glass, a decanter, bottles of wine, and next to the newspaper lies a sliced ​​sausage. A military uniform hangs sloppy on a chair, under which lies an open book. A guitar is standing near the chair, and on it is a red cat, tearing soft upholstery with its claws.

Nearby is a maid serving him polished boots. The official stands in front of her in the pose of the Roman emperor, pointing with the finger of his right hand to the order, showing off on his chest. He holds his left hand on his side, emphasizing his "superiority." The curlers on his head resemble the commander's laurel wreath. He wants the girl to pay attention to him and fantasizes in dreams of another life.

The maid looks at the master with a smile. She has a nice, simple face. She is young, attractive, neat. A gray scarf is put on her head, her hair is neatly collected in a hairstyle. The girl is dressed in rustic clothes: a sweater and a colorful skirt. She is condescending to the behavior of a swaggering “gentleman”. All this emphasizes the bright contrast between the characters in the plot.

The picture is painted in dark gray tones. She is full of irony. The official, posing as a gentleman, feels himself a great man, despite the poverty and wretchedness of the environment. Pavel Fedotov worked on it for a long time and hard. The work was a success! The idea of ​​the picture was brilliantly implemented.

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