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“Our Lady and the Baby in Roses”, Fedor Antonovich Bruni - description of the painting

“Our Lady and the Baby in Roses”, Fedor Antonovich Bruni - description of the painting

The Virgin and Child with Roses - Fedor Antonovich Bruni. 64 x 40 cm

The image of the Virgin was a source of inspiration for many artists. In 1843 he painted the painting “Our Lady with the Baby in Roses”, which became widely known thanks to his talent and perfect technique.

Near the stone fence, young Maria calmly stands facing the viewer. Rays of light illuminate the tender and slightly detached face of the Virgin. She knows about the fate of her son and is ready for this sacrifice in the name of saving people. Love and humility shine in her sad eyes. With two hands she holds a flower of a beautiful snow-white lily on a long stem - a symbol of purity and purity.

A white veil embroidered with silver thread covers the head of the Virgin, hiding her golden-red hair. Shimmering in pearl shades, it falls in soft waves onto the back.

The Madonna’s robe is traditionally a bright red tunic and a deep blue cloak decorated with gold embroidery. All colors in the picture have their own meaning: white means purity, red means life, blue means a symbol of the divine, heavenly. The bedspread unites the mother and the child, one of its edges is thrown over the shoulder of the young mother, and the other lies under the legs of the standing baby, protecting them from the cold of the stone.

Little Jesus, dressed in a white open shirt, pressed his back against Mary, leaning on her arm. Golden hair soft waves frame a pensive face. A serious look is directed to the future, childishly plump lips are sadly closed. A hand pressed to the cheek tells us about grief.

Gorgeous scarlet roses bloom in front of them, a symbol of love, a divine aroma spreads in the air. The image on the canvas is limited by the walls of the arch, but the blue sky with gray clouds, visible through the opened heavy curtains in the background, gives it depth and space.

The mastery of the artist allowed him to make inconspicuous color transitions from one shade to another. Thanks to this, we feel the reality of the sliding silk of the head coverlet and the severity of the folds of the cape, the fragility of rose petals and the glossy surface of the leaves. Mary and Jesus also seem alive.

Harmoniously combined saturated and pure colors with pastel, warm shades, creating a lyrical mood full of bright sadness. The picture gives peace, willingness to overcome any test.

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