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“Flowers and fruits”, Ivan Fomich Khrutsky - description of the painting

“Flowers and fruits”, Ivan Fomich Khrutsky - description of the painting

Flowers and fruits - Ivan Fomich Khrutsky. 66.3 x 89.2 cm

The magnificent art masterpiece was written by I.V. Bright combinations of flowers and fruits give it a special originality! In the center of the picture in a beautiful vase on the table is a bouquet of flowers from peonies, asters, irises, cornflowers and ears of corn. White, pink, yellow, red, blue flowers are full of their splendor, perfectly combining with each other and complementing each other. A graceful dark green vase with animal silhouettes carries an aesthetic delight! The bouquet is enlivened by branches with green leaves and juicy fruits lying next to the water.

To the left of the vase is a small wicker basket with peaches and apples. Next to her are two appetizing peach halves. This arrangement is not accidental. They invite to the autumn harvest of fruits. On the right are large yellow pears, lemon and a large orange pumpkin. Fruits exude a sweet aroma that fills the entire room. Beauty-pumpkin has at the arrival of autumn, diluting the picture with warm colors of the outgoing August. This month is generous to the harvest! Behind the pumpkin is a glass carafe in harmony with the composition. The plot classic will captivate with its originality.

In the background in the box is a ripe, juicy grape. Clusters shimmer and shine from sunlight. Above it are visible wheat ears standing in a vase of flowers. They symbolically adorn the bouquet and bring shades of field life. Cornflowers give the bouquet a modest simplicity, lost in the splendor of garden flowers. A glass of water and a slice of lemon floating in it give a still life an extraordinary freshness. I want to drink this water with a pleasant sourness, enjoying an excellent bouquet!

The artist talentedly depicted a still life, saturating the work with bright colors. The brush master put a lot of work into it. Ivan Khrutsky loved nature very much and devoted many interesting topics to it in his work. She was for him a piece of the soul and a poetic object of inspiration. Perhaps he painted a charming composition from nature, including exquisite color schemes in each element. His creation is brilliant and perfect. The painting is made in sunny tones of the end of the summer season and the approach of autumn. A rich and generous harvest carries an excellent mood!

Artwork gives light, goodness, love! It warms with its beauty and harmony. It's nice to look at her, admiring the beautiful! The artist created a divine miracle on canvas. The picture gives wonderful impressions! It heals from anxiety and depression, normalizes the psycho-emotional background. Its colors act favorably on the nervous system, charging the body with positive energy. The artistic masterpiece will look great in the home interior of the living room and study, creating a wonderful atmosphere of calm and well-being.