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“Cloudy day in the fjord”, Eulert Adelsten Norman - description of the painting

“Cloudy day in the fjord”, Eulert Adelsten Norman - description of the painting

A cloudy day in the fjord - Eulert Adelsten Norman. Canvas, oil.

The famous landscape painter Eilert Adelsten Norman, although he lived most of his life in Germany, never forgot his homeland. He spent the summer at his favorite villa in Sognefjord in Norway, endlessly painting the magnificent nature. By the way, this Sogne fjord is the second in the world and the first in Europe in size and grandeur.

The painter is simply in love with the mountains, water, sky of this northern country and in its landscapes they are beautiful in any weather.

So on the canvas "Cloudy Day in the Fjord" the author allows the viewer to see their favorite places at the time of weather changes. Apparently, the north wind and the sky, which had recently been clear and blue, are starting to blow, pulling in heavy clouds. They hang over the tops of the mountains, bringing with them a cold and a dark shadow that already covers the left slope of the mountain.

But the wind has not yet touched the surface of the water, except for the slight ripples in the foreground of the picture, and the agitated birds. People in the boat, foreseeing inclement weather, are in a hurry to approach the shore, to their houses, in which stoves are already heated and hot food is being prepared. Bright houses crowding at the foot of the cliff create a feeling of comfort, warmth and security.

Only in the distance, a slightly marked boat with a smoking chimney, is the weather not terrible and he leisurely continues on his way.

As Norman's picturesque and realistic depicts native Norwegian landscapes, the beauty of which artists and poets submit. It takes your breath away from the feeling of the unreal height of the stone peaks, from the power of nature, sometimes harsh, but always majestic.

Norman’s mastery and personality are expressed in the fact that he does not just write the romance of nature, but includes elements of the human sphere, his presence in this nature. And the viewer perceives it well and naturally. Therefore, the landscapes of Adelsten Norman are still attractive, interesting and impressive.

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