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“A horn sings high in the mountains”, Theodor Kittelsen - description of the painting

“A horn sings high in the mountains”, Theodor Kittelsen - description of the painting

High in the mountains, a horn sings - Theodor Kittelsen.

One of the most recognizable paintings of Theodor Severin Kittelsen. Burzum, a Norwegian music group, chose it to cover the cover of their 1996 Filosofem album.

Dusk. A small clearing among the majestic mountain peaks overgrown with impassable forest. Gloomy and dark spruce towers above the thicket. Not a single beam penetrates through thickets of trees and shrubs. There is no wind blow. Everything froze. Peace and quiet. But the feeling of anxiety and fear does not leave.

On the slope is a young cowgirl. She brings to her lips a birch bark horn - lur, and a lone melody sounds, full of inexpressible sadness. Who will respond to this call? The song sounds and everything around begins to change.

Nature comes to life, transformed, filled with magic. The grass rustles softly, hiding the little dwarves. A large white stone lying in the meadow can turn into a sleeping dragon at any moment. Shreds of whitish fog crawl from the bushes, where mysterious ghostly shadows flicker. Among the green branches hiding forest trolls. The clumsy mountain giants peer out carefully from behind the trunks. The sounds of enchanting music fascinate them, they freeze and listen. Fairy tales become true.

And the girl’s horn does not stop. The melody rushes over the impregnable mountains, deep forests, mysterious cold lakes, foggy fjords of the northern country and dissolves in the air. In response, a quiet crystal echo returns, like a dream of a beautiful and unfulfilled one. Music awakens memories. Fear recedes.

Looking at the canvas, you feel how the borders of reality and the world of Norwegian traditions are blurring. Fairy creatures are nearby, you just need to take a closer look and listen. The play of light and shadow is fascinating, allowing you to see something new every time. This is the artist’s magic.

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