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“Sheaves of wheat in the moonlight”, Theodor Kittelsen - description of the painting

“Sheaves of wheat in the moonlight”, Theodor Kittelsen - description of the painting

Sheaves of wheat in the moonlight - Theodor Kittelsen. 36 x 51.3 cm

Norwegians believe that fabulous creatures live with us side by side. Many fascinating and magical stories about meeting with them can be heard in Scandinavia.

Theodor Kittelsen’s amazing gift to see the unusual in the ordinary allows us to feel how fragile and blurred the line between reality and magic is.

Low-key northern landscape, familiar to everyone. A simple plot. Soft colors: dull gray-green color of the forest, pastel green of rare bushes, faded yellowish shades of the mowed field and collected bread. Only a bright orange spot of the setting moon stands out in the gray predawn sky. Not a single animal or bird around. Silence. Everyone is sleeping.

Just looking at the picture more closely you feel how goosebumps begin to run on the skin. The ghostly moonlight is very deceiving. Mysteriously, sheaves of wheat turn into a company of clumsy shaggy trolls.

Huge figures, overgrown with long fur from the crown to the heels, quietly wander through the stubble. The tangled strands of wool make them look like large armfuls of hay. Hunched over with their legs down, they don't look scary and terrible at all. One creature stopped, straightening its back and raising its shaggy head. The huge nose is moving quietly, breathing in the smells of the damp autumn ground. Small eyes sadly look into the distance. What is he thinking peering into the sky?

Morning soon. But with the first rays of the sun, the trolls are destined to turn into stones. And so they are measured and leisurely walking to take shelter under the crowns of trees. White blurry spots disappear in the forest. Silence and peace spill around. But a feeling of inexplicable sadness remains. These giants do not seem to us terrible monsters.

With a few strokes, the artist takes us from everyday life to a fairy tale. His drawings still fascinate, because the wonderful is nearby, you just need to take a good look.

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