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"Still Life, 1945", Ben Nicholson - description of the painting

Still Life, 1945 - Ben Nicholson.

The moments of life are unique! Each of them has its own beauty, harmony and perfection. He grew up in a bohemian environment, spent his whole life surrounded by creative people, he loved to travel the globe. His landscapes, still lifes and sculpture are highly appreciated by society.

Still life, written in 1945, is unusual and peculiar. It clearly visible everyday theme. The artist captured on the canvas household items - cups, plates, cutting boards on a regular dining table. The picture was created in the genre of cubism, in which volumetric objects were transferred to the plane. Simple home story! Ben Nicholson worked on the masterpiece with inspiration and enthusiasm, using light pastel colors with a brown tint. Abstract images in the picture attract with their non-standard, originality, strict classics of forms. The dishes and the rectangular table are a little diagonally, light and transparent. A part of a semicircle with a black handle is visible from under the table. Perhaps this is a basin or bucket left by the owners.

The artist sought to convey in his work emotional feelings, feelings of perception of the surrounding reality. He liked abstract painting and work with relief forms. In them, he saw his own special world in which fantasies and associations live. For many years of work and contribution to the development of art, Ben Nicholson was awarded the Order of Merit from the Queen of Great Britain. This painting leaves a good impression, brings kindness and tranquility, gives light and joy!

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