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“The flight of Grigory Otrepiev from the inn on the Lithuanian border”, Myasoedov

“The flight of Grigory Otrepiev from the inn on the Lithuanian border”, Myasoedov

The flight of Grigory Otrepiev from the inn on the Lithuanian border - Grigory Grigoryevich Myasoedov. 88.2 x 122.2 cm

Myasoedov Grigory Grigoryevich - famous Russian painter of the late 19th century. He is famous not only for talented paintings, but also for his participation in the founding of the society of Wanderers, inspired by Narodnik ideas. Such artists as Levitan I.I., Serov V.A., Vasnetsov V.M. and others were participants in this society, organized exhibitions, educated the masses.

Grigory Grigoryevich is educated, has a critical and analytical mindset, is interested in Russian character, way of life, and history.

So, for the work “The Flight of Grigory Otrepiev from the Tavern on the Lithuanian Border”, created in 1862, he receives a gold medal from the Imperial Academy of Arts and is noted by the Academy Council as an expert on Russian culture.

The canvas is written based on the work of A. S. Pushkin - "Boris Godunov." The image of Grishka Otrepyev (False Dmitry) is a very important figure in the drama, he is a product of that troubled era, an adventurer, an impostor, an ambitious person.

Myasoedov's painting depicts real characters and a historical event of 1603. What happens in the story?

Otrepyev, who wants to get to Lithuania as soon as possible, stops at the front-line tavern, where he eats and drinks at the same table as the black monk Misail and the outcast schismatic father Varlaam. Bailiffs sent by Boris Godunov to capture Grishka the impostor enter. Otrepyev is literate and is called to read the decree of the king. At the same time, he describes to the bailiffs the appearance of Varlaam’s father, saying that this thief Grishka is over fifty, that he is small and fat. The monk tears out the paper and reads the present description of Otrepyev, while Gregory himself stands with his hand in his bosom. Realizing that the fraud has opened, Grishka grabs a knife and, threatening and pushing the bailiffs, jumps out the window and runs away. His term has not yet come.

A brightened foreground and a fading background give the overall impression of a theater scene, the characters of the canvas are in active movement, the whole picture is full of dynamism and expression.

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