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"Portrait of Karl Nordstrom", Christian Krog - description of the painting

Portrait of Karl Nordstrom - Christian Krog.

This portrait is a very interesting work, both in design and in style of execution. It captures the famous Swedish artist Karl Nordström, a landscape painter who became famous for his winter, desolate landscapes of Sweden.

Nordstrom himself was glorified by the sophistication and sophistication of his compositions. References to his specialization and ability to correctly present the landscape can be seen in his portrait painted by another artist - Norwegian artist Christian Krog.

On the canvas, Nordstrom is depicted on the balcony or by the open large French window. He stands almost with his back to the viewer, so that he can see only a partial profile of the artist. The character looks out of the window into the distance, at the perspective of a young regular park that stretches before him. Behind the landings, a fairly wide blue ribbon of the river and a distant dense forest are visible.

The picture is filled with air and is distinguished by light, bright colors, against which the artist's figure dressed in a dark suit stands out very clearly and in relief. The landscape itself was painted in the lightest, airy shades of green, yellow and blue. There are no clear details, everything seems to be absorbed by a weightless haze, however, it is completely clear what exactly is depicted - trees, undersized shrubs, neat curbs and trimmed lawns.

The figure of the artist clearly looms against this light background. He is wearing a dark, most likely, black simple suit and a small hat with a low rounded body in the fashion of that time. His partially visible profile reveals the face of a still young man, fair-haired, short-cropped, with a neat reddish beard, a wedge, and a well-groomed mustache. He looks into the distance, enjoying a sunny day, and possibly evaluating the object for the future canvas. Its reflection in the glass of the open window sash complements the image, making it deeper and more expressive. The effect of volume and space in the picture is masterfully created by lines converging into a triangle - a window frame with a cross-beam and a railing with a spectacular carved frame.

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