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“Autumn”, Konstantin Korovin - description of the painting

“Autumn”, Konstantin Korovin - description of the painting

Autumn - Konstantin Korovin. 87 x 66 cm

Autumn is the most beautiful and sad season. In all ages, this has attracted creative people: poets, writers, musicians, painters and photographers.

Each has its own autumn. Alexei Savrasov has it late. It's time for longing and disappointment. Written in a realistic style in a difficult period for the author. I. Levitan has a golden, bright time of the year. A lot of light, a deep palette of colors, good mood. In E. Volkov, we see foliage gold, still lush greenery of grass cover, a quiet backwater of the river. The picture gives calm, peace. Efim Volkov - a master who knows how to use his sharp eyes to notice the perfection of a landscape, who knows the highest art of expressing this perfection on canvas. And the unsurpassed landscape painter Ivan Shishkin invites us to a solemn, bright and mysterious autumn forest.

“Autumn” by Konstantin Korovin is a very bold work. Here, as in true impressionism, there is no clear rendering of details. Wide, careless bright strokes of paint create an autumn coloring and mood. The only detail written on the canvas is a small rural house. It is gray, one-story, with a brown pipe. It looks very comfortable. So I want to go to the hosts to visit for tea, relax.

Pastous smears are chaotic, only at first glance. Near the hut, a white-birch birch is clearly distinguishable in the foliage greenery. A country road strewn with red and yellow leaves is visible.

On the left, mountain ash grows, already in autumn red. And upon closer examination, in a whirlwind of autumn colors you can see a red-haired girl sitting on a bench. As if autumn itself had come. The girl has a white sundress. And next to it is a little boy, dressed like a peasant. He is wearing a white shirt, dark pants, and bast shoes on his feet.

Korovin in this work surpassed his Russian teachers of realists and the French idols of the Impressionists. This picture is a mystery. The longer you look at her, the more you see new details.

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