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“Sermons”, Juan Flandes - description of the painting

“Sermons”, Juan Flandes - description of the painting

Sermons - Juan Flandes. 20 x 15 cm.

The work of Juan Flandes is literally shrouded in secrets - too little reliable information has survived. The dominant genres of creativity of the Spanish Renaissance painter were religious paintings, including altar images, as well as portraits of crowned persons, as Flandes served most of his life at the court of Isabella of Castile.

Before us is a part of the altar. Today, parts of multi-component altar images are stored in various museums around the world, and some of the elements are forever lost.

The presented picture shows us the sermon of Jesus. On the table there is a bread cake, one of those present pours presumably wine into jugs. At the table in a modest robe, Christ with three fingers raised, according to the Catholic tradition, next to him are either Mary Mother, or Magdalene, as well as the apostles.

The picture is very expressive and replete with small details and elements - features of the Dutch tradition. But Flandes’s personal contribution to the work, autonomous and not tied to any artistic and geographical direction, is a special color sensitivity and light transmission. The master uses bright colors, a lot of gold and ocher, skillfully placing accents and emphasizing the composition with white light. Shy attempts to complicate the drapery, the active use of the possibilities of perspective, which makes the picture deeper and more saturated, are visible.

Unfortunately, we can’t imagine the whole work, but from the available part we can definitely say that it was a big and powerful work.