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"Alice", Amedeo Modigliani - description of the painting

Alice - Amedeo Modigliani. 78.5 x 39 cm

The most talented Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani became famous mainly for his unusual, expressive portraits. Its voluminous textured line, bright, warm color and special elongated vertical shape cannot be confused with anyone.

The portrait of the girl Alice was created in the last years of the life of her brilliant author - Modigliani died very early, at the age of 35. Tuberculosis, meningitis and ... a self-destructive lifestyle accelerated the departure of the painter.

The painting is significantly different from other portraits. Firstly, there is no such exaggerated elongated vertical, that is, the face is not so elongated. The image itself is less abstract and decorative. The color is colder.

It is known that in the early years Modigliani was fond of the work of Picasso and here you can guess some similarities with the great Spaniard. In particular, the heroine’s face resembles an African mask - Picasso had an “African” period of creativity and there is a clear similarity between the two artists. And still looking at Alice’s blue dress, how can I not remember the “blue” period of the same multifaceted Pablo.

The heroines of Modigliani most often look to the side, thoughtfully at one point or even completely cover their eyes. Alice looks at her viewer directly and shamelessly, delighting with her slanting, almond-shaped eyes. Her pose demonstrates utmost calm and confidence - she meekly poses for the artist. The girl is dressed in a simple blue dress that contrasts with her dark skin. The outfit is decorated with modest white frills and an unusual golden cross on the chest. The head is framed by black hair flowing over the shoulders (you can catch a barely noticeable resemblance to the Tahitian Gauguin). The young model adorned her hair with a modest bow.

Despite some unusual elements for the style of the master, Modigliani still remains true to himself: since the face is not so elongated, why not emphasize your favorite vertical elongation by other means? That is why the painter leaves the canvas deliberately narrow, elongated in shape. The color scheme is diverse and simple, a combination of tones that either echo each other or sound in dissonance, successfully emphasize the image of Alice.

In the mood of attitude, the picture is also extraordinary. On the one hand, we feel calm and silent harmony, and on the other, we immediately see that the heroine is a living, active girl. Just now, between the model and the artist, a certain mystery takes place that does not allow fuss and noise - a new work by Modigliani is born.

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