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“Windows under the roof”, Friedensreich Hundertwasser - description of the painting

“Windows under the roof”, Friedensreich Hundertwasser - description of the painting

Roof windows - Friedensreich Hundertwasser. 48 x 50 cm

Connoisseurs of creativity Friedensreich Hundertwasser will see in the work “Windows under the roof” a demonstration of one of the architectural postulates of the original master - the house should consist of windows. The artist expressed an astonishing statement even in his book “The Manifesto of Mossiness Against Rationalism in Architecture”, and subsequently, both in his paintings and architectural projects, only confirmed this truth.

In the picture presented, the author depicted only the roof, from which jagged striped pipes protrude. The peaked peak is literally filled with colorful windows. Windows, expressed in the uneven contours of squares and rectangles, have this appearance for a reason. Hundertwasser believed that the windows should not go in a row, as if in the ranks - they "should dance." And the artist called standard windows in standard houses sad. Moreover, he once compared such houses with a concentration camp.

We see that some windows did not even fit completely into the space of the house, but the artist did not care about such trifles. On the houses designed by the author, you will not see at all not just the same windows, but basically straight lines - houses with all the bulges and waves seem to dance to a wonderful melody.

Throughout his creative life, the architect and artist Hundertwasser stubbornly insisted that the creator needed to free himself from linear thinking, and ordinary windows are just an example of such a primitive way of thinking.

There are windows on this roof like pores or eyes that give the building a mood. If people cannot paint the windows in different colors, then they should be allowed to at least paint the space around them at their discretion. But on paper or canvas, the artist is his own master, and therefore the windows under the roof shine with all the colors of the rainbows - blue, orange, yellow, pink, green.

A joyful house on canvas certainly brings a smile. Or maybe it would be nice to live in such a house, or at least walk along the streets that surround houses, crowned with "big-eyed" roofs?

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