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“Anxiety, Edward Munch” - description of the painting

“Anxiety, Edward Munch” - description of the painting

Anxiety - Edward Munch. 94 x 74 cm.

The dramatic, hectic mood of the paintings by Edward Munch is due to his difficult fate. The upheaval that befell this talented person formed his character, which could neither affect the plot outline of future works. When the boy was five years old, his mother died, and a year later, tuberculosis ended the life of his sister. There is evidence that Munch then recovered and did not talk for a year. This explains the fact that the motives of death, loneliness, anxiety, horror, became central in the work of the painter.

The picture "Anxiety" was created after the start of work on the most famous canvas "Scream". Many elements of these paintings are common - the same bridge, magically mysterious overflows of water, concentrically expanding lines that cover both the sky and the earth. But if “Scream” is the quintessence of despair and horror, where the colors themselves literally scream, scream, then “Anxiety” is the highest point of concern. This concern will not be replaced by a sigh of relief: the viewer anticipates that the story is about to be resolved by a dramatic ending. Feelings are strengthened, since not a single person, but a whole group is now acting as their translator.

Munch does not use accurate quotes, lines, it is unlikely that he carefully examined his expression in alarm in order to thoroughly convey it on the canvas - this is not required for the author. The power of color, the abstract pattern - this is what creates the strongest impression. The woman in the foreground looks very alarmed, but with the man on the left, anxiety seems to have washed away the human features, leaving his eyes wide open. The remaining characters are presented even more sketchy, but in the mood plan no less accurately.

Many tend to believe that the group image of people in such an extreme state of mind is a definite message of the author who wanted to show that anxiety, as well as sorrow, despair, fear are inherent in all people. This is what unites absolutely everyone!

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