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Hans Dahl, paintings and biography

Hans Dahl, paintings and biography

In the history of Norway there are many talented artists who glorified their distant northern country. His creative legacy left wonderful landscapes and significant genre paintings.

For his long and fruitful life, and he lived for 88 years, the artist suffered many different upheavals and changes. It came at a time when the world was shaken by wars, and the territories of states were redrawn as if by magic. This happened with his homeland. He was born in Granvin. Now the city is located in the west of Norway, and in those days it was part of Sweden.

Hans early demonstrated his artistic talents, and became a fully-formed master with his creative style at the age of 16. But at such an early age he could not get a full education as an artist. This happened only after his service in the army of Sweden.

In order to reinforce his artistic prowess, Dahl left for Germany in 1873, the then art center. In Karlsruhe, he studied craftsmanship with Wilhelm Rifstahl and Hans Fredrik Goode. His education was continued in Dusseldorf.

Subsequently, Hans Dahl became one of the prominent representatives of the Dusseldorf School of Art. His paintings glorify the beauty of the nature of their native lands, its expanses and incredible changeable landscapes. There are high rocky mountains, vast sea coasts, green forests and fertile fields.

The artist’s paintings have a lot of clean sea open spaces, as well as images of ordinary Norwegian citizens, often in bright and memorable national costumes. The master’s works are distinguished by a recognizable manner of writing, deep and expressive colors, their rich combinations and spectacular combinations. At the same time, the writing style is very realistic, the images are clear and voluminous, and the canvases seem to be filled with cool and clean Norwegian air.

Particularly well managed Dahl image of the sea. His waves are real, living, moving. This is not a static image - the translucent mass of water is depicted so realistically that it seems as if you feel a wiggle on the waves at one glance at the picture.

The artist survived the First World War and died in old age on the eve of a new disaster, in 1937.

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