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The picture "Banks with Campbell Soup", Andy Warhol - description

The picture

Campbell Soup Cans - Andy Warhol. 51 x 41 cm

Campbell Soup Can is a work that dramatically changed Andy Warhol's life. Until then, the artist was tirelessly reminded - commercial illustrations have nothing to do with high art, but Warhol will break this stereotype, challenging society.

The story began with a vacation. The artist decided to pause to move away from work and come up with something completely new. What experiments the master didn’t carry out — he painted cartoon characters, mixed paints, left white sheets on the pavement so that passers-by left their footprints on them. The right idea came unexpectedly - someone told Warhol: you need to draw what you love. So there were famous cans of soup. The artist admitted that this soup was his lunch for 20 years. It is worth mentioning that banks were needed not only for the sake of content, since Julia's mother Julia, the main assistant to the future “king of pop art”, was fond of making flowers from cans, which she sold for a small price.

And here Warhol sends Julia to the store to buy all kinds of Campbell soups, which were produced at that time as a brand. And the artist set to work, which took a whole year. The result was a cycle of 32 silk-screen paintings, each 51x41 cm in size. On July 9, 1962, at the Ferus Gallery (Los Angeles), cans of soup were first presented to the public and had a stunning effect. Guests of the exposition said that this essentially simple image made us think a lot - facelessness of mass consumption, vulgarity and sameness, soullessness of surrounding objects. Warhol instantly realized: he found what he was looking for, a new idea, a new direction, called "pop art".

Further, the artist’s creative and social life went smoothly. He worked hard, choosing the most unexpected ideas, turned to portraits of famous personalities, and Warhol invariably fueled his interest in his work with a scandalous reputation - he opened the Factory Factory Salon, changed his lovers, made scandalous films. All this ensured the high cost of all the work produced by Warhol. But the most successful work, according to the author, was precisely Campbell Soup Cans.

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