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“Slavic composers”, Repin - description of the painting

“Slavic composers”, Repin - description of the painting

Slavic composers - Ilya Efimovich Repin. 198 x 393 cm

The painting “Slavic composers” was ordered from Ilya Repin A. First, he asked Konstantin Makovsky, the emperor’s favorite portrait painter, but he demanded too much for the work. Lesser-known painters took on a large-scale canvas for 15 thousand rubles, and the young Repin was ready to do it in just 1,500.

The list of eminent composers to be represented in the film was compiled by Nikolai Rubinstein, relying solely on personal preferences, not forgetting to include himself and his brother in it.

Basically, all the heroes were painted from portraits, since they had long been dead, exceptions were only N. Rimsky-Korsakov, E. Napravnik and M. Balakirev.

Just as Repin did not try to introduce his favorite musicians - a friend of M. Mussorgsky and A. Borodin, nothing came of it. Porokhovshchikov rejected the offer of the artist, calling the famous "Kuchkists" amateurs, although he complained that Rubinstein did not include P. Tchaikovsky here.

Who deserved (according to Rubinstein) the right to be on the canvas? In the center of the picture, M. Glinka, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, M. Balakirev, and V. Odoevsky, who were keen on conversation, were located. Behind them, A. Dargomyzhsky sits in a chair, and at the piano, in the foreground, Rubinsteins. And also I. Laskovsky, A. Verstovsky, A. Serov, A. Lvov. The group standing in the back of the picture is B. Bortnyansky, P. Turchaninov and A. Gurilev.

The rest of the composers are famous representatives of the Czech Republic and Poland. Here, the viewer will see F. Chopin, B. Smetana, E. Napravnik, M. Oginsky, K. Lipinsky, S. Monyushko, V. Gorak, K. Bendel.

The monumental picture was ready for the opening of the Slavic Bazaar restaurant and received flattering reviews. Still would! Within the framework of one canvas, Repin managed to collect the whole color of European music, while doing this logically, harmoniously and talented.

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