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Date, Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky - description of the painting

Date, Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky - description of the painting

Date - Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky. Oil on cardboard, 67.2 x 54

During his creative career, Konstantin Makovsky tried many styles, genres, techniques and compositional constructions. Surprisingly, when you look at the work of an artist of different periods, you can’t immediately believe that they all belong to the same artist’s brush - Makovsky was very diverse and multifaceted.

The presented work was completed in 1866, and it can be attributed to both the portrait and the genre scene. The young author was already gaining rapid popularity as a talented portrait painter, and the image of the heroine in the film "Date" corresponds to the basic stylistic characteristics of Makovsky, a portrait painter.

The girl’s figure stands out against the background of darker scenery (in this case, the door is ajar), and this clearly shows the influence of Karl Bryullov and Ilya Repin; the look is full of tenderness and restrained dignity, and matte leather is an example of filigree possession of chiaroscuro transmitted by overflows of soft colors on the girl’s open shoulders. Another sign of the female portraits of the author is rich cherry lips, which we can notice in the charming heroine, who is preparing to meet her lover.

“Talking” are the eyes - large, deep, and still meek and at the same time curious, they convey the whole state of the lady. Still would! After all, through the small gap of the open door, we see her guest, and this is a young man with a snapping mustache and in a military uniform. The viewer became an involuntary witness to their secret meeting, and the maximum approximation of the heroes to the edge of the canvas makes us all partners in this romantic moment.

Surely, the plot of the picture corresponded to the spiritual mood of Konstantin Makovsky himself - in the same year he was married to the beauty of the drama theater artist Elena Burkova. Their marriage was very happy, albeit short-lived.

It should be noted that the picture with the same name was painted by the brother of Konstantin - Vladimir. Only the plot of this picture is far from positive. See the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Date”

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