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Tiberias (Genisaret) Lake, Polenov, 1881-1882

Tiberias (Genisaret) Lake, Polenov, 1881-1882

Tiberias (Genisaret) lake - Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. 31 x 63 cm

The magnificent panorama of the deserted ancient lake, now better known as the Sea of ​​Galilee, amazes with the beauty of the color of the water and the delightful sensation of the vast expanse, as if beyond the canvas. This historical site was repeatedly mentioned in the Bible and was associated with the earthly life of Jesus Christ, which gives the expanse of the freshwater lake special significance and expressiveness.

Even the name of the painting is directly related to historical events: it is called Genisaret in the surrounding valley, and Tiberias - in the city built during the Roman occupation and named after the then emperor - Tiberius. By the way, the city exists to this day and bears the name of Tiberias.

Particular beauty of the canvas gives the image method and the selected scale of the picture, its shape. This narrow canvas is twice as wide as its height, which allows us to show the wide landscape of the lake from the water's edge to the opposite high steep and deserted shores. The stones and fine sand located in the foreground of the painting are carefully painted out and help to feel the entire depth of the image with gradually darkening water as you move away from the audience. The distant empty shores melt in a haze and seem not quite real, like a mirage. In the distance in the lake you can see a tiny bright spot. Perhaps this is the sail of a boat with which Jesus and his disciples fished in biblical times.

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