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Painting Walk, Marc Chagall

Painting Walk, Marc Chagall

Walk - Mark Zagarovich Chagall. Oil on Canvas 169.6 x 163.4 cm

An unusual look at seemingly ordinary things, its own interpretation of the world, romance and philosophy, which was based on nationality, aspiration for the vanguard and personal destiny - these are what distinguish the stylist of the works of Marc Chagall. The painting "Walk", without a doubt, is the most recognizable work of the master.

The role of Bella Rosenfeld in the life and work of Chagall cannot be overestimated, since all the love moods found in the works of the painter are invariably connected with her image. “Walk” was written when young people were already married by law, and their daughter Ida was born in the family. The artist was unusually happy that he did not fail to mention in his paintings.

The main character of the canvas, Bella, flies off the ground, and this is an expression of the highest point of happiness. Young people in love enjoy each other's company, rising above all earthly, insignificant. Love - this is the main condition for victory over gravity.

Also in the picture two contrasting principles are interestingly represented: heaven and earth. Green squares of the earth with uneven rows of low houses are balanced by a clear mother-of-pearl sky, almost cloudless. Mark stands on the earth, holding Bella’s hand, which is located in heavenly heights, and this once again emphasizes that love is not afraid of any distance.

The painting "Walk" has become part of the triptych, which in addition to it includes the work "Double Portrait" and "Above the City." If in the first work Bella only sits on her lover's shoulders, as if preparing to take off the ground, and in “Walk” she soars into the sky, then the third canvas shows us two flying lovers. Today the triptych is separated, and the Walk itself travels the world, taking pride of place in museums in different countries, because Chagall is considered to be “his” by many - the French, Russians, Israelis, and Belarusians.

In 1973, Chagall, already an elderly man and held the world famous painter, arrived on a visit to the Soviet Union. For almost 30 years, Bella was not alive, and Chagall himself was married a second marriage, but he again came to this picture in the Tretyakov Gallery, where she was exhibited, stood by his masterpiece for a long time and thought about something for a long time.

Looking at a harmonious composition, through the prism of lyricism and romance that Chagall managed to convey, the viewer does not even have any questions about the unnaturalness, fantasticness of the flight and such a walk. Or maybe it's also because everyone felt something like that sincerely and strongly in love ...

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