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A rich Kyrgyz hunter with a falcon, Vereshchagin - description of the painting

A rich Kyrgyz hunter with a falcon, Vereshchagin - description of the painting

A rich Kyrgyz hunter with a falcon is Vasily Vereshchagin. 113 x 72 cm

The painting was created by the artist in his "Turkestan" period, when he traveled to Central Asia, heading to China. Although military operations against the Russians were conducted in this troubled area during this period, the master was protected by friendship with the head of one of the Kyrgyz tribes, Baitik Kanaev. This man was loved by his people and respected even by enemies, so no one dared to touch the artist. The result of his trip was a lot of paintings, many of which became world famous.

The canvas depicts Kanayev himself in the image of a rich nomad of that time. Although he was sympathetic to the Russians, he was captured in the conditions of life traditional for his tribe - in a yurt, with a falcon in his hands. Only very experienced and wealthy people could hold such a bird and hunt with it, so on this canvas it also serves as a symbol of the status, high position and skill of Kanayev as a great hunter.

A striking, oriental, magnificent and unusual outfit of a rich Kyrgyz is striking. These are riding pants and are richly decorated with embroidery and appliqués, a colorful Central Asian robe, belted with a large light scarf with a colorful pattern, a traditional Kyrgyz felt hat and soft leather shoes.

The hunter is armed with a very long gun and knife in a richly sheathed scabbard. Behind the belt he has the traditional national lash of woven rawhide - kamcha. In the picture all the details are masterfully and very accurately conveyed, and with all its color saturation, it does not look motley. The master really succeeded in depicting the figure of the Kyrgyz - he was as if alive, forever frozen in his yurt with a falcon in his hand.

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