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Monastery over the river, Polenov - description of the painting

Monastery over the river, Polenov - description of the painting

The monastery over the river - Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. 35 x 45.5 cm

This canvas evokes associations with the best examples of French impressionism, it is so close to them in spirit and style of performance. Large and small expressive strokes, bright rich colors, a feeling of freshness and vast, vast expanses - this is what this painting consists of, in which there is not a single living character, only a landscape.

The light, whitewashed monastery buildings with beautiful greenish-turquoise roofs seemed to hang on a hillside above the vast blue expanses. It seems that the temples soar over the whole world, the view is so huge, opening from the point where the artist painted his canvas. Steep slopes covered with deep ravines are covered with dense emerald grass, whose dense and juicy greens are covered with dense blue shadows. Dense trees growing on top of the hill surround the monastery buildings, which seem to be sinking in their dark, dense greenery.

Thanks to the use of cool tones, it seems to the viewer that he literally physically feels the freshness of the air and its crystal purity. It is thanks to the airiness of the image that the picture is perceived so light, clean and blissful. On it lies the peace of detachment from worldly being.

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