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Me and the village, Marc Chagall - description of the painting

Me and the village, Marc Chagall - description of the painting

Me and the village - Mark Zagarovich Chagall. Oil on Canvas 191x150.5 cm

Marc Chagall’s amazing painting “I and the Village”, written in 1911, is one of the author’s recognizable masterpieces. There are a lot of contradictions, funny and more serious.

A simple name immediately contrasts with what the viewer sees: a complex composition, presented in the form of a radial structure, consisting of sectors that are created thanks to intersecting diagonals. In each fragment, the author placed scenes from rural life.

The green face of the painter himself, who peers into the eyes of a lamb, comes to the forefront of the work; on the animal's face you can see a scene of milking a cow. And the hero himself, squeezing the tree, as if indulging in memories, nostalgic and distant.

In the upper part of the canvas is the village itself, and some of it is located upside down, so the mower is forced to talk with the village-changeling. Many critics tend to perceive humor in this element, which Chagall allowed himself, noting the complexity of the interaction of the sexes.

The harmonious interweaving of symbols, figures and motifs present the viewer with a wonderful picture, in which there is a lot of lyricism, humorous thoughts and personal memories of Marc Chagall. The name of the work was invented by a friend of the artist, the poet Blaise Sandrar.

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