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Congratulation of the young in the landowner's house, Myasoedov, 1861

Congratulation of the young in the landowner's house, Myasoedov, 1861

Congratulation of the young in the landowner's house - Grigory Grigorievich Myasoedov. 96 x 123 cm

The genre paintings of the great Russian artist are always colorful and multi-figured, and this canvas is no exception. It depicts the usual episode from the life of rural landowners of the era of serfdom. They influenced all spheres of life of their serfs, and here they brought young people to the master’s house to receive blessings.

As in the rest of the artist’s paintings, the image is extremely realistic, and all the details of the home’s furnishings, faces and outfits of figures are written out especially carefully, in detail and carefully. According to the canvas, you can literally study the life of the Russian village of the second half of the century before last.

On the canvas, representatives of the landowner family are clearly separated from the peasants. The latter crowd in the doorway, not daring to go further into the rooms. Gentlemen with different facial expressions look at the kiss of the young - the head of the family - with interest, the young man is bashfully, and most likely, coquettishly closed with a book, only the young lady blushed and looked down.

Although most of the figures in the picture are dressed in dark outfits, involuntarily the gaze rests on several characters. A lady in a white with a blue airy dress, a village boy in a "smart" pink shirt, and the bride herself in a red dress, traditional for this area, all of them unwittingly attract the eye with a masterful design of fabric and decoration.

The picture is very interesting both in the plot and in the realism of performance - this is a kind of photograph of events that have long sunk into oblivion.

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