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Painting "Boating", Aivazovsky - description


Boating - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. 70 x 50 cm

The basis of the picture is a biblical plot, very popular among artists of different eras. Only the apostle Peter dared to go towards Christ and stepped on the moving abyss, as on solid land. Only faith kept him in the water, because as soon as Peter looked away, he began to sink.

The picture reflects just the moment when Peter, stretching out his arms, strives with all his might for the Savior, believing in his omnipotence. Christ is depicted shining as the brightest light. The glow emanating from it simply dazzles and leaves a path on the waves of the sea, as if from the light of the full moon. For those in the boat, the figure of Christ is the guiding light of faith in the darkness of unbelief.

The masterful image of the waves creates the effect of the presence of the viewer, as it very naturally conveys the movement of choppy water into the sea. The center of the composition is, of course, the figure of Christ shining and illuminating everything around, and the boat with people and the Apostle Peter running along the waves are extras in this key Bible scene.

The faces of people and their clothes are not accented, they are made rather schematically, with dark colors, specially so that the attention of the beholder does not switch, but is concentrated on the central figure of Jesus walking on the waters.

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