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Painting by Gustav Klimt Death and Life

Painting by Gustav Klimt Death and Life

Death and life - Gustav Klimt. 178 x 198 cm

“Death and life” is a picture deeply symbolic and full of allegorical references. The canvas is conditionally divided into two parts, which are opposed to each other by size, number of characters and even color.

Death is formidable and frightening, but it is in the minority, subtle and weak, it cannot be overcome by a life full of health. Despite the inevitability of the coming of Death, she will never conquer an ever-reborn life. This motif in the picture of Klimt is even emphasized by the number of figures.

Death, eagerly looking at the manifestations of Life, is lonely and unhappy, even the colors of her clothes emphasize her gloomy essence - dreary blue, violet and black tones, “decorated” with numerous grave crosses. Her destiny is to take away joy, taking everyone in a row - from a hunched tired old woman, strong and strong lovers, young girls and happy mothers to healthy pink-bodied chubby babies. That is its essence.

The colorful patchwork of Life demonstrates its invincibility. No matter how complicated or difficult life is, it is always full of happiness and bright colors.

Klimt's painting, despite the rather gloomy, almost biblical plot, is life-affirming and optimistic. Even in this painting, Life fills most of the picture, pushing Death to the side and diverting attention from it with its juicy elegant colors and beautifully depicted naked bodies.

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