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Sleeping Girl Roy Lichtenstein

Sleeping Girl Roy Lichtenstein

Sleeping Girl - Roy Lichtenstein. 1964

The moment "torn" from the character's life - what can he tell the viewer? Little, just that we have a young woman in front of us, a beautiful blonde with regular delicate features and bright lips, depicted asleep. However, what prevents us from speculating what happened before the girl fell asleep? Perhaps she just came home tired, drank milk and went to bed. Or maybe before bedtime she cried a lot, wondering what she should do with her life further. This is the great power of art - everyone sees in the image what he would like to find in it.

The art of the master is not concluded in technical perfection, but in the ability to convey feelings with simple means. This picture is a vivid embodiment of this postulate. We see only the girl’s face, not a single hint of who she is and why she is depicted as sleeping. We can judge it only by the data that the artist has provided us with - it is possible to determine only her age, hair color and appearance, and a fragment of red is either clothing or bedspread. But it is precisely this extreme stinginess of the artistic data that allows us to draw in our minds the missing picture of the character’s life of the canvas.

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