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Portrait of Sonya Knips, Gustav Klimt

Portrait of Sonya Knips, Gustav Klimt

Portrait of Sonya Knips - Gustav Klimt. 145 x 145 cm

This portrait may surprise everyone who is familiar with the works of Klimt, which have become the "calling card" of the artist. It does not at all look like the refined, sophisticated and extremely decorative canvases of this master. It seems that Klimt experimented with several artistic styles at once.

The use of a deep dark background, on which the light figure of a woman seems to glow, is characteristic of portraits of old masters. But, unlike most artists, he does not carefully write out all the details of the figure, becoming like the impressionists in conveying the impression of the general image of the girl. At the same time, the face is spelled out extremely realistically, Klimt especially managed the expression on his face - this is a mixture of anxiety and intense attention with dreamy detachment. It seems like Sonya Knips was lost in thought, but she was distracted by a hail or some kind of harsh sound.

The unusual pose of the girl attracts attention. She sits in an armchair, but not relaxed, but tensely, leaning forward slightly, with her face facing the audience. Her left hand rests on the arm of the chair as if the girl was about to get up and leave.

There are no unnecessary details in the portrait. In addition to Sonya’s beautiful face, attention is attracted by two details - a luxurious magnificent, like an airy creamy pink dress of a girl and elegant subtle lines of a climbing plant with flowers in the background. If the dress is a tribute to impressionism, then fancy flowers send us to Klimt's other works - unusually decorative, memorable and bright.

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