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Blizzard, William Turner - description of the painting

Blizzard, William Turner - description of the painting

Blizzard - a steamer leaves the harbor, giving signals in shallow water and measuring the depth of the lot - William Turner. 91.5x122 cm

It is not so easy for a modern viewer, familiar with the work of the Impressionists, and with many modernist movements, succeeding each other in an unbridled rhythm at the beginning of XX century, to understand the genius of William Turner. To realize the full depth of the innovation of this painter, it is necessary to imagine the time and artistic canons of that time. In an era where realism ruled, Turner was an outstanding phenomenon - not everyone was given the opportunity to understand the abstract images, technique and color schemes of the master.

So this work seems to us as a kind of dynamic image, striving to convey the feeling, the mood of what is presented in the program of the painting "Snowstorm ...". For all its abstraction, the picture does not represent a chaotic set of color local spots, on the contrary, the whole image is subject to a single movement, transmitting a whirlwind of a snowstorm through which a ship goes out, sailing through the bottom with a navigation device, so as not to be put to ruinous such a time is shallow.

Turner did not have direct followers, however, many impressionists admitted that his paintings were the source from which both his own style and the artistic direction as a whole grew.

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