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Woman, an old man and a flower, Max Ernst - description of the painting

Woman, an old man and a flower, Max Ernst - description of the painting

Woman, old man and flower - Max Ernst. 96.5 x 130.2 cm

The surrealistic images of Ernst in this picture can perplex any expert. Who is the woman here, who is the old man, and where is the flower at all? And, as they say, "was there a boy"? But this is the meaning of surrealism - everyone will see in the picture what the imagination and his level of knowledge will tell him.

The background is a seascape with a very distant, blurry shore. It could well have been part of the picture of the artist-realist: natural colors, softly painted clouds, everything is quite normal and familiar. Surrealism begins in the foreground. It’s not immediately understood that this is depicted - either broken sand dunes or canvas cloths fluttering in the wind of saffron color.

Three verticals are included in the composition of the picture, which, it seems, do not carry any informative load. This is an object that looks like a cane, an inconspicuous pin at the edge of the picture and an incomprehensible yellow-green object, about which one of the figures rests. The riddle? Of course, yes. Like, however, and everything in this picture.

The figures on the canvas surprise even more. Almost in the center is a strange image depicted from the back - a naked body with a fan instead of a head, hands schematically depicted and a mysterious vest with through "windows" through which the landscape is visible. The second figure is dressed, but in very strange things, she is squat, broad-boned, holds a mysterious white object in her large strained hands.

On the shore there is another strange thing - a red-yellow object in the form of three cylinders on legs. The question arises - is not this something incomprehensible that the artist called a flower? This picture gives room for imagination.

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