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Piazzetta, Antonio Canaletto

Piazzetta, Antonio Canaletto

Piazzetta - Antonio Canaletto. 1733-1735

The photographic accuracy and clarity of the detail image created Canaletto the fame of an artist who did not lose sight of a single detail. His canvases are masterpieces that capture fragments of ordinary life frozen in time.

From the image of Venice, you can study the changes that have occurred with the architectural monuments of this wonderful city over the past centuries. A great perspective with a view of the Gulf of Venice, beautiful old sailboats, people in magnificent dresses of different countries - a picture can be viewed for hours, each time discovering something new.

The painting perfectly conveys the volume of space, giving the impression of a panorama of the city, in which each object can literally be touched. The canvas is characterized by a natural, restrained and natural color scheme, which makes it even more related to high-quality color photography. However, it has something that is very difficult to reflect in the photo - a special, recognizable style of the artist.

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