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Girl picking grapes in the vicinity of Naples, Bryullov

Girl picking grapes in the vicinity of Naples, Bryullov

The girl picking grapes in the vicinity of Naples is Karl Pavlovich Bryullov. Oil on Canvas, 62 x 32.5

The first trip of Bryullov to Italy had a significant impact on all further work of the artist. A leisurely rhythm of life, a warm climate and an acquaintance with the work of the founders of European art - it is not surprising that the style of the Russian painter underwent a significant transformation.

From the first days of his stay in Italy, Bryullov is interested in genre scenes, one of the most famous is the painting “A Girl Collecting Grapes in the Surroundings”.

The measured course of life at its usual work can be joyful, bright and beautiful - the artist proclaims. A young girl with a flexible camp reaches for a branch of grapes. Her movements are like a whimsical dance - her hands are raised up, and the collector herself raised to her toes. The likeness of the dance is emphasized thanks to the girlfriend of the main character. She sat at her feet right on the steps. The head of the second girl rests on a watermelon, and in her hands she holds a large tambourine, with the help of which she, as it were, accompanies the skillful dance of a girl picking grapes.

An attentive viewer will certainly notice the constantly repeating motive in the picture - this is the figure of a circle. Watermelon, tambourine, donkey baggage, the bottom of the bottle in a wicker basket - all this is a circle that emphasizes the cyclical nature of peasant life. In addition, thanks to this end-to-end leitmotif, the canvas itself acquires integrity and harmony.

Accent color in the overall color of the picture, Bryullov appointed red - the camp of a girl is tied with a red cape, which is in harmony with the rim of a tambourine of the same color. The white color that prevails in robes was also given great importance - it reflects the bright radiance of the joyful Italian sun.

The picture, which in theory reflects the hard daily work, as a result, Bryullov turned out to be bright and joyful. And as if you can catch the barely audible silver sound of a simple musical instrument, under which ripe bunches of fragile girl put in their basket, gracefully curving in a dance step.

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