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Self Portrait, Paul Gauguin, 1893

Self Portrait, Paul Gauguin, 1893

Self portrait - Paul Gauguin. 46 x 38 cm

Gauguin's self-portrait with a hat was started at the end of the first Tahitian period, and was finished in Paris.

Connoisseurs of Gauguin’s creativity will immediately attract attention not the artist himself, but the background on which he captured himself. On the right side of the picture you can clearly see another famous work of the author - the canvas "The spirit of the dead does not sleep". Gauguin loved this technique - he was happy to quote his own paintings, taking up new works. Suffice it to recall the "Self-portrait with the Yellow Christ."

The author gave his face an unusual angle - a raised chin, a biased look, a half-profile. The technical solution of the work corresponds to Gauguin's style - pure colors, a clear line, bright coloristic elements in the form of patterns.

A wary and somehow detached artist appears before us. And indeed, at this time Gauguin experienced one of the difficult periods in his life - parting with Polynesia and pregnant Tehura, the collapse of relations with Anna Yavanskaya, and a misunderstanding of the public. Already in 1895, the master returned to the island again, having not found either happiness or recognition in his homeland.

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