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When married, Paul Gauguin - description of the painting

When married, Paul Gauguin - description of the painting

When married - Paul Gauguin. Oil on canvas 105 x 77.5 cm

The canvas "Nafea Faa And Poipo", which is translated from the Tahitian dialect - "When will you marry?", Was written by Gauguin in 1892.

The picture depicts two islet girls, between whom there is a question presented already in the title of the work. The face of the questioning heroine is wary, focused and strict, while the second girl does not give an answer - you can read thoughtfulness and some sadness in the expression of her eyes.

In terms of color, the picture invariably attracts the eye - it seems that all the painter's aspirations for bright colors have finally found fertile ground: exotic Polynesia raged with bright colors and unusual nature.

The picture itself, as an artifact, also boasts a rich history. Initially, she was in the collection of the Swiss Rudolf Stechilin (former employee of Sotheby’s), then exhibited in the “Kunstmuseum” of Bazil. Not so long ago, “When will you get married?” was purchased by Qatar Museums for $ 300 million, thereby earning the title of the most expensive piece of art in the history of world painting. What irony, given that Gauguin was always poor during his lifetime and not in demand by the public.

The picture will not immediately gain new owners, but will be given to them only after a year. During this time, the canvas will be exhibited in museums around the world, it is known for certain that Madrid and Washington will see the painting live.

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