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Never again, Paul Gauguin - description of the painting

Never again, Paul Gauguin - description of the painting

Never again - Paul Gauguin. Canvas, oil

The painting "Never" or "Never Again" really liked Gauguin himself. He was in such a hurry to share his new creation with the rest of the world that he was finishing it in a hurry - the cruiser “Duget-Truen”, which served as a means of communication, was about to sail off to the shores of Europe.

In the foreground of the picture, Gauguin located a lying naked girl. The painter for a long time learned to draw a new nature, that is, the islanders themselves - in the first experiments, people with exotic appearance were drawn in the background, then closer and closer, until the artist boldly began to place the half-naked Tahitians close-up.

The heroine's face is wary. She seems to be listening to the conversation of two people in the background, whose faces are almost invisible to us. Her eyes are full of sadness and anxiety. Her large body is illuminated by yellow rays falling on her chest and face.

The main element of the work is a large bird sitting on the window. Some art historians relate this picture of Gauguin with the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe "Raven". As a proof, the very name of the painting is cited - "Never Again." Such a phrase is really uttered by a raven in a mystical poem.

One way or another, Gauguin deliberately put a double meaning into many of his works, kindly providing the opportunity to reflect and philosophize himself.

It is known for certain that the picture was painted on top of another canvas.

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