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Bedroom in Arles, Vincent van Gogh - painting description

Bedroom in Arles, Vincent van Gogh - painting description

Bedroom in Arles - Van Gogh (three options). Canvas, oil

Cozy, tiny bedroom of the artist. The obvious desire of the master to show his understanding of home comfort and his own household.

The plot of the work developed by itself, the artist was often ill and at that time practically did not leave his bedroom, taking a doctor here.

A feature of the work is the fact that the author on it depicts several of his own works hanging on the wall. The bitter sense of non-recognition and misunderstanding on the part of society is seen in this creative device. Yellow and blue colors, which in the works of the master personify comfort, positive and warmth, are used in excess in the picture. It is known that the artist performed three versions of the work, preserving the composition, but changing the ratio of colors, depending on the mood. The master performed one option for his brother, the second for the mother and sister at their request. It was these people who were fans of the artist’s talent during their lifetime.

All works now adorn the expositions of reputable museums, being the undoubted pride of institutions and an object of attraction for auctioneers and collectors.

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