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Chrysanthemums, Claude Monet, 1878 - description of the painting

Chrysanthemums, Claude Monet, 1878 - description of the painting

Chrysanthemums - Claude Monet. 54x65 cm

Throughout the course of Claude Monet’s life, nature more often than anything else became the main character of the great painter’s works.

The attentive eye of the master, it seemed, could not only notice the charm of the surrounding world, but also recreate it on the canvas in such a way that this unsteady beauty was clear to everyone. The painting "Chrysanthemums", written in 1878, was one of such observation works. The viewer, who until this day has never admired these flowers, will no longer be able to pass by the chrysanthemums indifferently, having seen at least once a beautiful picture of Claude Monet.

The master’s technique is so filigree that the petals of flowers written in small strokes acquire volume. The fragile delicate motley of chrysanthemums is so attractive and real that you want to reach out to touch the flowers. Having a closer look, you will notice that each flower is unique, that is, it does not resemble its like in a basket.

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